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Get the best Delhi Appliance Repair Services by just calling our team of experts. We have been in the market since 2007, and we have repaired thousands of home and business appliances along the way. 

Best Appliance Repair Company in Delhi, Ontario

SOS Appliance Repairs Delhi provides first class same day appliance repair service. We offer reliable, professional, and friendly services for Delhi and surrounding areas.

Our technicians are fully trained to repair appliances for both residential and business customers. We are open every day of the week to answer any questions that you might have, including booking your service call for the time you need us.

We work with your schedule, making sure we provide a lasting solution for you.

FREE service call and diagnostic for your repairs.

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The Highest Quality Results for your Appliance Repair in Delhi ON

SOS Appliance Repairs is a local top rated appliance repair company that provides unparalleled top-notch installation and repair services for all major home appliances including refrigerator, dishwasher, dryer, washing machine, oven and stove.

No matter what the issue is with your appliance, our experts and highly trained technicians will repair it such that it works like new. To ensure 100% satisfaction, we provide a warranty on our parts and labor.

Contact our friendly team for Delhi appliance repair via email, text phone call or our online form. We here for you and provide same day service.

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Delhi Ontario Service Area

Our technicians serve all residential and business customers located in Delhi and other surrounding areas such as Brantford, Port Dover, Simcoe, Waterford, Norwich, Otterville, Tillsonburg, Walsh, and Wyecombe.

We are also well established in other cities and communities such as Hamilton, Ingersoll, Komoka, London, Middlesex County, Oakville, St. Catharines, St. Thomas, Strathroy, and Woodstock.

Appliance Repair and Installation in Delhi, Ontario

Same day appliance repair Delhi offers fast, efficient repair services

How to choose the right appliance repair company in Delhi to get the job done?

If you experience any issues with one or more of your appliances, you need to find the best rated appliance repair company that you can trust to do the job right. Also, you want an appliance repair company that can repair your appliance effectively and efficiently to save you from headaches and any further damage to your investments in your home or business.

Now that you know this, you require a trustworthy and professional appliance repair company such as SOS Appliance Repairs Delhi. Our professional and experienced technicians are dedicated to providing and delivering a top-notch repair service for you. When our assigned technician has completed the repairs, we ensure that the appliance works like new and provide you with a long term life-cycle.

We take pride in our repairs and for your peace of mind, we provide warranty on our repairs and services for each appliance which includes washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, stove, oven and refrigerator.  

SOS Appliance Repairs team is just a call away.

#1 Appliance Repair in Delhi, Ontario

We understand how frustrating it can be when your appliances are no longer working. It can put a damper to the start of your day, throwing the whole day off including your schedules, and could also invite more problems.

Whenever a major home appliance is no longer functioning properly or has stopped working altogether, you need it working again as soon as possible. SOS Appliance Repairs offers same day service to the community of Delhi and surrounding areas.

Refrigerator Repair Delhi, Ontario

Whether we like it or not, the refrigerator is an appliance that every home and family needs in our day-to-day life. It’s never good when your refrigerator develops issues. But not to worry as we at SOS Appliance Repairs in Delhi have the solutions for you. Our appliance service team are fully trained and have years of experience to solve all of the problems. We do this within the first visit and will always aim to complete the job effectively, efficiently and with top quality customer service.

Common issues that we fix:

Refrigerator is turned on but not cooling
 Refrigerator not working at all
 Food becoming rotten too quickly
 Freezer not keeping the food frozen
 Among many other issues 

Is your freezer making loud sounds? Is your fridge not keeping your food fresh and cold? Don’t wait, just give as a call today.

Dishwasher Repair Delhi

With the help of modern day conveniences of a dishwasher, you no longer have to expose your hands to the harsh cleaning materials. Also, dish-washing no longer requires you to go through the tiring soaping and rinsing process. Just put your dishes and utensils in the machine, pop in your dishwasher soap, turn it on, and get on with your day or enjoy a restful night.

Dishwashers are a luxury that many people, especially families can appreciate. It frees up counter-top space with drying dishes and frees up that time of vigorously washing dishes, and utensils by hand. Don’t let a broken dishwasher throw your day away. If your dishwasher is experiencing any issues big or small, give us a call today.

Our technicians can repair these issues and more:

Dishwasher showing error code
 Dishwasher not cleaning the dishes 
 Dishwasher won’t start
 And many more

Our friendly representatives are here for you if you need a dishwasher repair service. Give us a call today and we will send you our expert.

Washing Machine Repair Delhi

It always feel great when you have clean and fresh clothes – thanks to your washing machine. It can certainly be frustrating when your machine starts giving you a hard time or doesn’t work altogether.

Is your washing machine giving you a hard time and not cleaning your clothes properly? Do not panic, give us a call. Our technicians are fully trained and expert in repairing washing machine issues and helping them work like new with long term repair solutions.

Call your local appliance repair company in Delhi:

  Washer not spinning
  Washer doesn’t finish a cycle 
  Clothes come out wet and smelly
  The machine stops in the middle of the spinning cycle
  And many more issues 

We can repair top load washing machines, front load washing machines and any other washer.

Dryer Repair Delhi

The dryer falls under the category of laundry appliances that we use very often. A good working dryer means there will always be fresh, dry and clean clothes. It is usually good when our dryers are working at peak efficiency so that we can get our laundry done quicker.

What should you do if your dryer breaks down and stop working properly?

Call SOS Appliance Repairs Delhi today, we will come, diagnose and repair the issue same day.

Some of the common dryer issues that we repair:

  Dryer not drying the clothes properly
  Dryer won’t start
  Dryer makes strange sounds
  Clothes not coming out warm
  And many more dryer issues

As your local appliance repair company in Delhi, we offer same day dryer repair and FREE SERVICE CALL  with any repair for you convenience.

Oven Repair Delhi, Ontario

Nothing feels better than coming home and cooking a great hot meal in your oven. Baking and roasting delicious treats and meals can bring amazing aromas into the home and can make any person, family or guest feel delightful. It can be time consuming and annoying when an oven stops functioning properly.

If your oven stops functioning properly, it can leave your food cold, unevenly cooked and even raw. The baking and roasting can come to a halt and the home cooked oven meals put aside. Don’t panic and rush to eat outside. Call our oven repair experts now. We offer same day oven service for the local residents of Delhi.

SOS Appliance Repairs Delhi service and repair of any oven issues include:

  Oven showing error code
  Oven not broiling
  Oven won’t keep the temperature
  Oven not working
  And many more oven issues 

If you need an oven repair or service give us a call and we will be on our way.

Stove Repair Delhi

Whether you own a stove range, stove top or induction burners, electric stove or gas stove, cooking a delicious meal on a stove brings a special feeling and smell into the house. Cooking a hot meal on a stove beats a microwave dinner any time and having a stove that stops working can really put your lunch and dinner schedule into chaos.

Are you experiencing any issues with your stove? Are your burners no longer working? Please do not delay, call for take out or bring out that microwave dinner. We can come help you fix your appliance like new at your home or business.

Some stove issues to look out for that our experts can repair include:

  Stove element sparks
  Stove element not getting hot
  It takes a long time to boil water
  Faulty induction element 
  And many more stove issues

Here at SOS Appliance Repairs, we have the right tools and knowledge to repair your electric coil stove, induction stove and smooth top. We can repair it all.

Some of the brands that our SOS Appliance Repair company can fix for you include: 

Delhi Ontario

Delhi is quaint and quiet community located off the junction of Ontario Highways 59 and 3, and 20km east of Tillsonburg and approximately 15 minute drive west of Simcoe. 

Delhi is known as the “Heart of Tobacco Country.” Prior to the year of 1880, this small community was known primarily for it’s lumber industry.

Get Same-Day Appliance Repairs in Delhi, ON

Every one of us including families or those who live in a single home, count on our home appliances throughout the day to function well. When one of them fails to work properly, that can cause panic and throw you off your daily routine. 

It doesn’t matter if it is your kitchen appliance or laundry appliance, all of them are important elements to keep the house in good working and productive order. Therefore it is important to call a reputable and reliable appliance company that can provide same day repair service in Delhi and deliver high quality work.

With SOS Appliance Repairs, we offer fast same day service, which helps you get back to your normal routine easily. We understand how important this is for our esteemed customers and want to provide you with both a professional and positive experience. All of our technicians arrive with a fully loaded work vehicle with most common parts that can likely fix or replace the parts for your appliance where necessary on the very first visit.

Here at SOS Appliance Repairs Delhi, whether it is your fridge not cooling, keeping your food fresh, dishwasher not draining the water, the washer is leaking or if your dryer is not heating up properly, we can fix all these kinds of issue.

With our team of experts, we’re on your side and here to help you with high quality service. All you need to do is get in touch with us via text, email, phone, or by filling out an online form at

We are here to answer any questions that you might have and if necessary, we will send you a technician to diagnose the problem and provide you with the best solution that same day.

Thank you for choosing SOS Appliance Repairs Delhi to help you with your appliance issue, and for giving us your trust.

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