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SOS Appliance Repairs is the premier appliance repair service provider in Milton and surrounding areas. Our local business offers convenient solutions and fast response-times to a range of household appliance issues. 

We cover stoves, fridges, dishwashers, washers, dryers and more! SOS Appliance Repairs has years of experience providing expert repair services and delivers quality results every time. From minor repairs to complete overhauls—our friendly technicians are here to help. 

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Rock-Solid Appliance Repair Services in Milton, Ontario

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SOS Appliance Repairs is the top local business for appliance repair in Milton. Not only do they offer a wide range of services, their experienced technicians are available to fix whatever issue you may be having with your appliances.

SOS Appliance Repairs guarantees prompt, professional, and friendly service. With a team of highly-skilled professionals on staff and a commitment to providing quality services at competitive prices, SOS Appliance Repairs should be your top choice for reliable and trustworthy repairs. 

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Milton Appliance Repairs: Reliable Solutions

SOS Appliance Repairs in Milton are the trusted specialists when it comes to fixing any and all issues with home appliances. 

Our technicians are highly experienced and can work on any appliance brand, so no matter what issue you’re experiencing, SOS will be there to help you. We prioritize providing a reliable service that works quickly and efficiently to get your appliance up and running again as soon as possible.

 Don’t hesitate to contact SOS Appliance Repairs if you need assistance with a broken-down refrigerator, dishwasher, oven, or nearly any other type of appliance; we guarantee satisfaction for all customers!

milton Ontario appliance repairs

We Repair and Service Most Appliance Makes and Brands in Milton, Ontario

With years on the appliance repair experience in the service field, we have come across many issues with diverse levels of complexities for many brands. With all experience with all sorts of home appliance issues, we have become to be experts with the following brands:

Some of the brands that our SOS Appliance Repair company can fix for you include: 

Why SOS Appliance Repairs is the trusted repair company in Milton

SOS Appliance Repairs are the go-to experts for all types of makes and brands of appliance repair in Milton. Whether you’re dealing with a washing machine, dishwasher, oven, or fridge, SOS Appliance Repairs is the perfect choice for reliable and efficient service. 

No matter what issue your appliance might have, our experienced technicians work quickly to identify and resolve any problems. Give SOS Appliance Repairs a call today and let us help restore your appliances that make your life easier.

With honest and reliable repair services, 7 day availability, affordable flat labor rates, same day repairs options available  customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our technicians are highly trained & experienced in their field of work with ongoing training to ensure you get the best quality service possible.

We also provide warranty on all parts and labor giving customers peace of mind when choosing us as a trusted partner for your appliance care needs! Don’t take any risks when it comes to repairing important home appliances – choose the Top Rated Repair Company today!

We Repair all Types of Appliances in Milton, ON

Milton Fridge Repair

SOS Appliance Repairs provides fridge repairs for all major brands, 24/7 assistance, and a 1 year warranty on parts and labor.

We understand that when your fridge breaks down, it can be a real inconvenience. That’s why we offer same day service in most cases, and our technicians are available to help you get your fridge up and running again.

Plus, we repair all fridge brands so you don’t have to worry about finding the right technician. Give us a call today!

Some of the common refrigerator issues that we repair:

•  Refrigerator is no longer cold and temperature has dropped
•  Fridge door won’t stay closed or seal coming off
•  Water is leaking from the fridge
•  Refrigerator making loud sounds
•  Fridge gets very hot 
•  And many more issues 

Dishwasher Repair Milton

SOS Appliance Repairs in Milton offers top-notch dishwasher repair services, so you can get your kitchen cleaning routine back on track in no time! 

Our experienced technicians are capable of tackling issues with all types of makes and brands of dishwashers. So, from Bosch to Kenmore and beyond, SOS Appliance Repairs has a repair solution for you. 

Don’t settle for subpar repairs or slow service  when it comes to your kitchen appliances, trust SOS Appliance Repairs to get the job done right, and fast!

Here are some common dishwasher issues that we fix:

•  Dishwasher isn’t filling up with water
•  Dishwasher isn’t draining
•  Water overflowing and leaking
•  Dishwasher won’t turn on at all
•  Dishwasher making strange and or loud noises
•  And many more issues 

Washing Machine Repair Milton

SOS Appliance Repairs is your one-stop-shop for washer repair in Milton. We understand that having a broken machine can be frustrating and inconvenient, so we take pride in offering top notch repair services for all types of makes and models of washing machines. 

Whether you have just noticed an issue or have been struggling with a problem for a while, SOS Appliance Repairs will provide fast and accurate solutions to get your washer working again quickly and efficiently. No job is too big or small  let SOS Appliance Repairs handle all issues related to washer repair, so you don’t have to!

Common washing machine problems that we repair:

•  Washing machine not filling with water
•  Washer does not turn on
•  Washer does not spin
•  Washing machine doesn’t clean your clothes properly 
•  Washer door problem
•  And many more issues

Dryer Repair Milton

SOS Appliance Repairs provides the best dryer repair in Milton! Every technician is experienced and reliable, so you can always be sure that your dryer will be fixed quickly and cost-effectively. 

SOS Appliance Repairs offers repairs for all types of dryer makes and brands, from electric to gas models. Whether you’re having issues with temperature regulation, cycle time, or something else entirely, SOS Appliance Repairs has the expertise to identify the source of the problem and work towards an efficient solution. 

Don’t wait another minute  trust SOS Appliance Repairs for all your Milton dryer repair needs!

We'll help with the following issues with your dryer

•  Dryer no longer dries clothes well 
•  Clothes come out damp and smell bad
•  Dryer doesn’t turn on
•  Dryer starts to overheat
•  Dryer showing error code
•  And many more issues

Stove Repair in Milton

SOS Appliance Repairs is the preeminent name in stove repair in Norwich, Ontario. Our experienced technicians have been serving the area for years, specializing in all stove brand repairs. 

We keep up to date with best practices and recent advancements in stove repair technology, so you can trust SOS Appliance Repairs to provide outstanding and reliable service. With SOS Appliance Repairs, you’ll get your stove back running smoothly in no time and with the added peace of mind of a worry-free warranty. 

Contact SOS Appliance Repairs today and discover why we are Norwich’s go to source for all your stove repair needs!

Common stove issues that we repair:

•  Electric stove not turning on
•  Stove coils not heating up
•  Cook-top not working 
•  Stove coils overheating
•  Gas stove doesn’t ignite anymore
•  And many other problems 


Oven Repair Milton, ON

SOS Appliance Repairs provides prompt and professional oven repair services in Milton. We are experts in all types of oven makes and brands, so no matter what type you own, SOS Appliance Repairs can help. 

Our highly experienced technicians have the knowledge to identify any issues and make the necessary repairs. Whether it’s replacing a broken thermostat or fixing a faulty control board, SOS Appliance Repairs has the skills and parts necessary to repair your oven quickly. 

Don’t let an oven issue put a dent in your plans contact SOS today for fast solutions to get your appliance back up and running!

Some oven issues that we can repair:

•  Oven doesn’t turn on
•  Oven overheats
•  Oven doesn’t get heat up 
•  Issues with maintaining temperature 
•  Error code displayed on oven
•  And many more issues 

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