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Property management, as the name implies, is the maintenance, control, utilization, and supervision of all the operations that is concerned with physical properties and real estate.

Physical properties are usually regarded as assets and can be equipment, tools, appliances, and machines, while real estate can be said to be related to housing such as detached, semi-detached, bungalows, condominiums, lands, or structures such as shopping centers, entertainment centers, shopping malls and other units that may be specifically built for different purposes.

Property management can be said to be the process of overseeing assets that are owned by a different party. The whole process can be categorized under commercial, industrial, residential, and is basically the management of an entire physical (seen) property.

Normally, the management of properties is usually done with the help of a professional company such as we have listed some in the post below. Nevertheless, this can also be handled by an expert individual. Whichever way, it is very important to select the most ideal company or individual to manage your assets. 

The major task of a property management company for a real estate business normally would range from advertising the property, maintaining the property to ensure it meets expectations of both owner and user, screening the candidates who may be interested in the property, drawing-up and enforcing a lease agreement, coordinating inspection of a vacated unit, setting and collecting rental income, handling negative feedback and complaints from users or tenants, and preparing financial statements or any relevant information regarding the property. Maintenance is the core and regarded as one of the most important responsibilities of any property management company.

5 Reasons to Hire a Property Management Company (PMC)

If you are a property owner, or possibly with a good number of properties, or even if you probably thinking of expanding your real estate in the future, the best thing to do is to hire a property management company to help you do that. Here are five good reasons you should consider this option.

  1. Depending on the number of properties you have, hiring a PMC saves you the troubles of having to deal directly with users or tenants.
  2. You will save more time and can focus on other very important aspects of your business. This means you only need to monitor compliance with your set out rules and objectives of using your property.
  3. Now, because you as the owner of the property will not always be available to see and monitor how your property is being used, hiring a PMC solves this kind of issue for you.
  4. In situations where there are emergencies or risks, the PMC is usually readily available to deal with these kinds of situations. This saves you from a lot of stress having to deal with production and at the same time trying to manage issues or crises. Besides, most of the issues might not be official and are better off managed by a third party while you concentrate on other projects and getting the best value on your investment.
  5. Even if you have the resources and money to execute projects or acquire properties, you may lack the required expertise to manage or maintain those assets. Property management requires some skills that are usually best practiced by those dedicated to such profession.

Major Roles in Property Management

Here, for a deeper understanding, we take a look at some of the roles under this category. This can vary from one company to another, including the uniqueness of the task that is being managed at the time. However, an ideal role can range as listed below:

Property Manager

This individual can also be called the facility manager or asset manager as the case may be. The property manager is the person who acts as the supervisor or overseer who ensures that the property under their supervision is well maintained, preserve, and increased in value or worth. A property manager is expected to think like the investor, have good communication skills, and a very sound technical-know-how for the property under their care. A good property manager is also expected to possess a unique tech-savviness including good organization skills.

Admin and Procurement

In a large property management company, the admin team is usually set up to manage the internal operations of the property under their watch. The admin may be mandated to carry out internal communications, recruitment, adherence to company policy, on-site staff management, internal quality control, procurement of materials that are been used in that facility, and among others.


Again, depending on how big the project or property to be managed is, the account/finance can either be administered from the main office or possibly have a dedicated expert carry out this task on-site. This is carefully done such that financial reports can easily be collated and sent to the main office for review and adequate reconciliations.

Maintenance and Technical Team

This is the big part and usually the selling point for most property management companies. At every point in time, PMCs have to be able to prove to the client that they have maintained the facility adequately while also improving the value. For most companies, and again, depending on the kind of property; they prefer to have on-site maintenance personnel available. But in most cases, this role can also be outsourced to a different company especially when the risk is low or when likely issues do not occur all the time.


This is where SOS Appliance Repairs company can come in for you.

If you are a property management company, you already know those major maintenance problems that can occur with properties. Some of them may include, but not limited to electrical problems, heating/cooling, roof damage, plumbing, structural damage and exteriors defect, home appliance, security, wear and tear and any other mechanical problems.

The truth is that all of these problems may not happen always, but they are inevitable. They come up at any time especially when there is a pressing need. Imagine those moments where people have to host friends, colleagues or neighbor and suddenly the stove stops working or the refrigerator starts behaving funny. No one wants to be in that kind of situation. Therefore, depending on the frequency of occurrence, if you are a property management company or you are probably the owner, it is advisable to have by the side, a reliable first-hand personnel, or companies that are able to get these maintenance requests done properly. 

Let us take this opportunity to share with you that for your home or business appliance installation, repairs and servicing, SOS Appliance Repairs is a reputable company for these jobs. We are a medium local firm near you but yet big in capacity to handle any kind of kitchen and laundry appliance repairs. We have been working with several property management companies over the years in both residential and business appliance repairs. Our delivery is sound and keeps speaking for us even as we continually get referrals and good word-of-mouth marketing. We have qualified technicians and experts who can manage all kinds of appliance problems. 

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Support service unit which might consist of the janitorial team, security, and among others

There is no such thing as maintenance or management if this group of people are not included. They ensure that the property is clean as it should while also protecting it from abuse, damage or theft. Again, this can be outsourced to a reliable company to handle if the property management company does not want to carry the burden.

Benefits of outsourcing your appliance repairs services and maintenance

Over the years of working with several property management companies; outsourcing seem to be one of the best approaches used to ensure effective management and maintenance. Here are some of the reasons this is ideal.

Reduced overstaffing

Many property management companies that have employed maintenance staff on-site usually notice that some moments, employees are just loafing around or pretending to carry out a job to avoid being seen as idle. And in a bid to prove to clients or owners that your company is proactive, you keep them, but end up overstaffing your site. This approach of overstaffing only increases the overhead cost. Some property management companies that we work with are now outsourcing all the major parts of the business operations and just leave out the main ones that require more attention.

Besides, it also allows for staffing flexibility because with proper outsourcing in place, you can easily scale up or downsize as the peculiarity of workload increases or decreases.

Saves time and money

Ordinarily, your property management company should only pay for those hours for which a job is done, but this is not always the case. Most property management companies put employees on payroll when they should not. Sometimes, this method leads to a waste of money because it therefore means that property owners would have to make these payments per head.  

A reputable property management company would ensure they retain only staff that are always needed and then outsource the remaining arm of operations to a responsive company where applicable. This saves both the owner and the maintenance company some time and money in the end.

Access to more key expertise

Basically, some of the maintenance problems that are encountered would require the contribution of a higher technical approach. What this means is that should you get stuck while trying to fix a problem as a property management company, you end up spending more money in the process of securing another expertise. 

Again, as a property management company, outsourcing is ideal if you want to spread your technical responsiveness and increase your efficiency.

Nevertheless, as much as we talk about all the benefits and advantages for property management companies, we also want to look at some situations where outsourcing the maintenance services might go wrong. Lets take a look at some of these downsides below.

Downsides of Poor Outsourcing

Unreliable maintenance culture

This happens when a property management company does not get a reliable maintenance company out there as it should. For instance, in our kind of appliance repairs business, a lasting solution is what we guarantee all our clients. We believe that maintenance is the core point of sale of any property management company and when this is found wanting, rating and profitability can drop. Getting the right repair company for instance to do the job might be one of the downsides for outsourcing. 


Quality and unresponsiveness

Some repairs and maintenance companies only look good on paper, however, service delivery is below expectation where you need it most. And even at that, these services might be over charged. At SOS Appliance Repairs, this is one critical area we have shown our worth and value. One great thing to look out for in service and maintenance companies are the quality of job, responsiveness and also their online reviews. A poor review from people will most likely tell you how bad the company is.

Budget padding

Wrong quotation or padded quotation is one of the things that property management companies have to deal with badly. Wait! It is one thing to have an overly priced service, it is another thing to have it stuffed with unneeded and unnecessary items all to make some extra money. Therefore, when looking for a maintenance company, look out for the one that gives you precise quotation without stuffing.

In Conclusion

Property management is very vital if you as an investor will like to get more returns on investment and value. For property owner reading this posts, a good property management process will increase and worth of the property, save time and money while you can easily focus on other things to do.

And for all the reputable property management companies out there, SOS Appliance repairs company looks forward to working with you on the maintenance and repairs of those kitchen and laundry appliances in those residential or commercial facilities.


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