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We are located in St. Thomas and surrounding communities and towns such as Aylmer, Port Stanley, West Lorne, Glencoe, Lynhurst, New Sarum, Shedden, Fingal, Talbotville, and Iona. 

We are also well established in other cities and communities such as Hamilton, Ingersoll, Komoka, London, Middlesex County, Oakville, St. Catharines, St. Thomas, Strathroy, and Woodstock. We provide same day speedy appliance repair at fair prices.

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Since 2007, we have successfully completed thousands of appliance repairs in St. Thomas.

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Appliance Repair St Thomas To Simplify Your Life

Having problems with your home appliance? Is your appliance not working properly? We are here for you!

SOS Appliance Repairs St. Thomas provides you with a first class, same day appliance repair service. Our technicians are effective and efficient, so we can keep our prices low. 

We offer reliable, professional and friendly services for St. Thomas and surrounding areas. Our technicians are fully trained  to repair appliances for both residential and business customers.

Our team is available every day of the week, and ready to book your service call when you need us. We will work with your schedule to make sure we provide a convenient experience for you.

FREE service call and diagnostic with your repair.

Appliance repair St Thomas

Why Choose Appliance Repair St Thomas, Ontario?

  • We offer professional  appliance repair at competitive rates.
  • We provide best same day appliance repair service throughout St. Thomas and the surrounding area.
  • Our customer satisfaction is our #1 priority.
  • All our technicians are fully trained and can repair your appliance on the very first visit.
  • FREE service call with any repair.
  • We are top-notch appliance repair service in St.Thomas and the surrounding areas.
  • Scheduled bookings around your schedule.

Your Top Rated Appliance Repair Company in St. Thomas

SOS Appliance Repairs St. Thomas is the company you want to call when you have any appliance issues. We offer top quality service to ensure our customers in St. Thomas and the surrounding areas can be stress-free when using our service even in crisis situations when your appliance breaks down or fails to work properly.

Our team of expert technicians will be there when you need an appliance repair man.  We’ll diagnose your appliance issues no matter if it is for your refrigerator, dishwasher, oven, stove, washing machine or dryer, we can find the problem and provide a long-term solution including back-up with warranty on parts and labor.

With years of experience in the field we have the confidence to say regardless of your home appliance that your using, we will be there for you when you require an honest and trustworthy repair man in St. Thomas, Ontario.

When one of your major home appliances breaks down, it can be frustrating and throw you off schedule. When a scenario like this happens, you can’t afford to wait for your dishes to pile up or let your laundry accumulate and small or start washing clothes manually.

When you’re looking for same day appliance repair in St. Thomas, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are your reliable appliance repair company near you. Whether your refrigerator stops cooling, dishwasher is leaking, washing machine is not cleaning your clothes properly, dryer isn’t working or even if your stove or oven doesn’t work properly.

Our experts have many years of repair and service, and they can do all makes and models! 

We'll Repair All Your Appliances in St. Thomas

Refrigerator Repair St. Thomas

Is your refrigerator making strange sounds and not working as well as it used to? A broken fridge or freezer can be a big issue for a a lot of people from food spoilage and have to order food or to go a restaurant to eat either way it could be costly.

Out technicians provide same day repair service for that very reason and promote fast and efficient repair with very competitive prices.

If your fridge isn’t working in a proper way don’t wait, call a professional appliance today – SOS Appliance Repairs.

If you're having one of those problem give us a call:

 Fridge not cooling 
 Refrigerator constantly running
 Ice maker not working
 Ice build up
 Refrigerator makes odd noise 
 Not maintaining consistent temperature
 And many more issues  

Our team of experts repair refrigerators in St.Thomas and the surrounding areas. For any questions that you might have, don’t hesitate to give us a call and we will be happy to help! 289-426-0867.

Dishwasher Repair St. Thomas

When one of your major home appliances, like your dishwasher breaks down, it can be annoying and frustrating.  Before you go ahead and buy a new one, give us a call.

We will schedule you a same day service from one of our expert technicians to diagnose the issues and provide you with an excellent solution that will save you money and time. 

If your dishwasher is having one of the following issues, contact us:

 Dishes not getting cleaned
 Dishwasher is leaking 
 Dishwasher showing error code 
 Dishwasher turning off mid-cycle 
 Water is not filing into the dishwasher
 The door seal is leaking 
 And many more issues 

For immediate dishwasher repair in St. Thomas, call SOS Appliance Repairs.

Washing Machine Repair St. Thomas

The washer is one of the most useful home appliances that most people use on daily basis. To come across a broken washing machine can really interrupt your day and your busy schedule. If you are in need of a washing machine repair expert, give us a call today and we will be on our way.

Common washer issues that we repair:

 Washer is not spinning 
 Washing machine won’t drain
 Washer won’t start
 Agitator not working 
 Water leaking from the washer 
 Clothes are still dirty
 And many more issues 

SOS Appliance Repairs St. Thomas is here for your home appliance repair needs. Let us help you today we are only a call away!  

Dryer Repair St. Thomas

The dryer is a very common home appliance that we can use everyday. With a busy schedule including family, friends, work, school, sports and other activities, we need to be able to do our laundry fast and efficiently.

When your dryer stops working properly, doing the laundry becomes a frustrating and stressful task and can be very inconvenient for the whole family. Instead of using your dryer, you might need to hang your close to dry which may not work with smaller homes or outside if the weather is not sunny and warm.

With our life routine, we have no time to do more than we already do with the help of the dryer. For immediate dryer repair service in the St. Thomas area, give us a call and we will book you a service technician to fit in your schedule.

When your dryer gives you any of those issues, give us a call:

 Drum not turning properly
 Dryer won’t start
 Drum banging 
 Dryer getting too hot
 Clothes still damp and smelly
 Dryer not getting hot
 Dryer showing error code on the display 
 And many more issues

Preparing a meal for your family and your loved ones is not only healthier but also cheaper than constantly eating out at restaurants. This is a big reason why it is important to have a good and reliable oven. 

However, when your oven breaks down, cooking at home is not an option, and you need it fixed as soon as possible. If you require help with your oven repair, you should call your local SOS Appliance Repairs St. Thomas as we provide same day speedy oven repair, and we can book your service technician to fit within your schedule.  

Reasons to call us for oven repair:

 Oven not working 
 Oven overheating
 Oven over cooking 
 Oven under cooking
 Oven knobs are broken
 Control board problem 
 And many more issues 

If you’re in a need for a speedy oven repair in St. Thomas, give us a call today.

Stove Repair St. Thomas

Majority of families in the St. Thomas area depend on a good working stove to make warm meals for their loved ones. A damaged stove that’s not working properly can be a stressful situation. If you have any stove issues, call your best local appliance repair company in St. Thomas that specialize in stove repair and service.

If your stove gives you any one of these issues, give us a call:

 Stove burner not working
 Stove glass top is cracked
 Stove burner gets too hot
 Problem with main control board 
 Any many other issues

SOS Appliance Repairs St. Thomas can help you today with same day service. 

We Repair and Service Most Appliance Modals, Makes and Brands

With years on the repair and service field, we have come across many issues with diverse levels of complexities for many brands. With all experience in all sorts of appliance issues. We have become to be experts with the following brands:

Some of the brands that our SOS Appliance Repair company can fix for you include: 

Top Appliance Repair St. Thomas

SOS Appliance Repairs St. Thomas is a top leading appliance repair service and installation company in the St. Thomas area. We strive to provide the best top notch same day repair service. Using our skilled and experienced  technicians, we can keep our rates low with efficient and give you a speedy repair.

We provide service for all major home appliance for your kitchen and laundry such as dishwasher, refrigerator, stove, oven, washer and dryer. No matter what is the issues that you might have we came across that and we will fix it as soon as possible, and ensure the appliance works like new.

The Advantages of Using Our Service in St. Thomas

One of the advantages of using our services is that we provide same day service at any time of the week and work around your schedule to ensure your convenience. 

Here at SOS Appliance Repairs, we understand how frustrating it can be when your appliance breaks down or stops working. Unfortunately this can happen unexpectedly and any time. Our team knows how important it is for you to repair your broken appliance as soon as possible. 

As your #1 St. Thomas appliance repair company, this is why we have an emergency team to be there for you when you need us.   

Among the many benefits you receive using our assistance is that we can fix and repair all major home appliances. When your washing machine, dishwasher or fridge starts leaking, it’s a bad time to wait for someone to come to get it fixed. 

Adding any delay before calling a repair company can bring bigger and more costly issues. If you have any issues with any of your appliances, contact us via call, email, text or filling our form.

home appliances

Other benefits include our priority to always put our customer satisfaction first and to follow our honest business practice as well as providing FREE service call and diagnostic with your repair.

When you book your service call, our technician will arrive with all the proper tools and common replacement parts ready to provide diagnostic analysis and proper quote. The technician will provide an explanation regarding the base of the issue that we find and will start the repair only after you have agreed and understand the pricing. After the successful repair, we guarantee all our customers with full warranty on our parts and labor while also ensuring 100% satisfaction.

SOS Appliance Repairs St. Thomas is a fully bonded and insured company.

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