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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a warranty for your appliance repair services?

Yes! At SOS Appliance Repairs we offer a warranty for the services that we provide. All our services provide a warranty, you only need to ask your technicians for the details.

What type of appliances do you repair?

SOS Appliance Repairs offers complete repair services for all types of home and business appliances. This includes refrigerators, ovens, stoves, dryers, washers, and more.

Do you repair all types of appliance brands?

Our technicians have been trained to fix all major and less known appliance brands. We also have the parts that your appliance might need, so it makes the process easier and faster. 

Do you offer same day appliance repairs?

Yes! One of our key advantages is that at SOS Appliance Repairs, we offer same-day repairs. Our technicians are trained to provide the fastest and highest quality solutions to our customers.

Are your employees trustworthy?

All our employees are insured and trained to fix all types of appliances. Also, we have a very selective hiring process to check background and knowledge. Our team is impressive and trustworthy.

How much does it cost?

It depends. Honestly, it’s hard to give you a number for our appliance repair services. However, we are 100% sure that our prices are fair. We train our team to be honest with our clients, so you will know beforehand the price of our services.

Where are you located?

Our offices are in 783 Colborne St E, Brantford ON, N3S 3S3. 
However, we have the capability to cover all cities and communities in Ontario.

Should I replace my appliance or repair it?

If your appliance is relatively new and the damage is minor, you may be able to get away with just repairing it. But if your appliance is old or the damage is more serious, then you’ll probably need to replace it.

Replacing an appliance can be expensive, but it’s often cheaper in the long run than repairing it. And once you’ve replaced an appliance, you can usually count on it lasting for at least a few years. So if you’re not sure whether to replace or repair your appliance, let’s a technician evaluate the condition of your appliance, and then you can decide.

If you need any appliance repair and /or installation services, simply call our number now.


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