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We’re not just your average appliance repair company. At SOS Appliance Repairs, we specialize in the servicing and repairing of most major brands on today’s market – from kitchen appliances to laundry machines!

We have years upon experience working with all types of models so if you need help finding a trustworthy service provider near St Catharines , look no further because we are ready to help you.

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St. Catharines is the largest city in Canada’s Niagara Region and the sixth largest urban area in Ontario, with 96.13 square kilometers and the neighbor of Niagara falls and about 39 kilometers from Hamilton. 

St. Catharines is quite close to Niagara on the Lake and Niagara for great day trips in Southern Ontario.

St. Catharines Service area

Our technicians serve all residential and business customers located in St. Catharines and the surrounding cities including Niagara Falls, Welland, Niagara on the Lake, Lincoln and Grimsby areas. 

We are also in other cities and communities such as Oakville, Hamilton, Ingersoll, Delhi, London, St. Thomas, Woodstock, Simcoe, Brantford, Tillsonburg and Strathroy included.

Rest assure! We’ll help you repair any type of appliance in St. Catharines fast and at affordable prices.

Your #1 Appliance Repair Service in St. Catharines

Welcome to SOS Appliance Repairs St. Catharines, your top major home appliance repair company that you can trust.

We have been the best appliance repair company in St. Catharines since 2007. We have all the solutions you need from washing machines and dryers that don’t work properly, to dishwashers and refrigerators that have broken down, to stoves and/or ovens that won’t heat up. Our team offers the most competitive prices in the industry with skilled and experienced appliance repair technicians. 

We provide same day service to create a positive and convenient experience for you. We are a family owned and operated appliance repair company that strives to provide top quality service with 100% satisfaction guaranteed in St. Catharines and the whole Ontario.

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Why Choose SOS Appliance Repair?

Here are just some of the main reasons why SOS Appliance Repairs St. Catharines is the #1 trusted and professional local appliance repair company:

 We provide honest and reliable repair services
 Our technicians are highly trained and continue with ongoing training
 Available 7 days a week to assist with booking your service call
 Affordable flat labor rate
 Same day repair services offered 
 Customer satisfaction is our priority
 We provide warranty on all our labor and parts
 Top rated appliance repair company

We'll Help You Fix all Types of Appliances in St. Catharines

Refrigerator Repair St. Catharines

A fridge failing to cool food or a freezer that can’t keep your food frozen can ruin a great family weekend. Spoiled food, loud noises and leaking from the fridge is inconvenient for everyone. BUT don’t panic, we are here for you with our emergency repair team. We provide the best refrigerator repair in St. Catharines and the surrounding area.

If your fridge isn’t working in a properly, don’t wait and call a professional appliance repair man today.

Common problems with refrigerators that we fix in St. Catharines:

 Freezer not cold
 Fridge not cold enough 
 Freezer is cold but fridge is warm
  Ice maker is leaking 
  And many more refrigerator issues

Our expert technicians will get to the bottom of the issue and will provide you with the best solution that will allow your fridge to work like new and to ensure you get the most value from your service.

Dishwasher Repair St. Catharines

The dishwasher is one of the most important home appliances that you may have. It contributes to making your life much easier when it comes to washing dishes by allowing you to fill up the machine with dishes and keep going with your day to day tasks while its operating. It saves from piling dishes and frees up tons of time.

Some common issues when you should call an appliance repairman:

 Cloudy glasses
 Unclean dishes
 Dishes aren’t drying
 Dishwasher runs for long time

Our team of experts have a lot of experience when it comes to dishwasher repair in St. Catharines, so don’t hesitate to contact us via phone call, text 289-426-0867 or filling out our online form “contact us.”

Washing Machine Repair St. Catharines

Today’s conveniences with managing the household includes the major appliance the washing machine. Washers  now have incredible features from high speed front load washers to top load and steam cleaning washers.

If your washer stops working or gives you any trouble, our washing machine repair specialists can repair them all from old to the newest models and brands.

Common washing machine problems:

• Washer doesn’t start
• Washing machine drains slowly
• Water leaking from the washer
Top load washer not spinning 
Not cleaning clothes as good
And many more issues

Here at SOS Appliance Repairs, we have technicians that are specialists with any washer repair in St. Catharines. Contact us now for assistance.

Dryer Repair St. Catharines

The dryer is one of the most helpful appliances in your home. All dryers are meant to serve the same purpose and that is to make your laundry tasks much easier by drying your clothes quickly and effectively.

In most homes, a broken dryer means a hard hustle and inconvenience. Wet clothes from the washer can pile up, air drying is time consuming and if you can’t get your clothes dry, they get that damp laundry smell that no one likes. That’s why we have dryer experts who are ready to provide you with number 1 dryer repair service in St. Catharines.

Call us if you have any one or more of these issues:

Dryer has no power
Dryer shows error code 
Clothes not stay damp and don’t dry
Dryer has a squeaking noise
Dryer is too hot
And many more dryer issues 

Call us today and we will repair your dryer regardless of the issue. We repair most models and makes 289-426-0867.

Oven Repair St. Catharines

The oven is a treasured kitchen appliance that makes cooking, baking and preparing meals for both our friends and family enjoyable. A broken oven can interrupt life routines and quality time with your loved ones. Quality oven repair is very important and will allow you to cook and enjoy your appliance longer and safely.

Fortunately our technicians are experts when it comes to oven repairs in St. Catharines. Give us a call today if you have any oven issues. We are here for you for both home and business repair needs with same day appliance service.

Here are some of the oven issues that might require an appliance repairman:

Oven not baking
Oven not maintaining hot temperatures
Problem with oven door
Oven light is always on
And many more oven problems 

Contact us via phone call, text 289-426-0867 or filling out our online contact form “contact us”.

Stove Repair St. Catharines

Many individuals and families today use the stove when they need to heat up a meal or cook a hot and delicious dinner. When you notice your stove is not heating up anymore or not turning on, don’t panic, and do not rush to get a new one. You should look for a local appliance repair company in your area to diagnose and repair the issues to save you more money in the long run. Give us a call today and let us help you get your stove issues back on track so you can get back to cooking!

If you notice any one of those issues, give us a call:

Your stove displays error code
Stove heat element takes a long time to heat up
Your stove no longer works  
Stove not heating at all
And many other stove problems 


With years of experience in the repair and service field in St. Catharines, we have come across many issues with diverse levels of complexities for many brands. With experience with all sorts of appliance issues, we have become to be experts with the following brands:

Bosch, LG, Amana, Jenn Air, Samsung, KitchenAid, Kenmore, Frigidaire, Whirlpool, Maytag, General Electric(GE), Viking, Electrolux, Miele, AEG, Bloomberg, Bartazzoni, Fisher & Paykel, Sub Zero, Heartland, Westinghouse, Siemens, Liebherr, Artiston, Inglis, Daewoo and more…

Some of the brands that our SOS Appliance Repair company can fix for you include: 

Appliance Repair Company in St. Catharines

Welcome to SOS Appliance Repairs experts in St. Catharines! We are known as the best top rated local company that provide same day, reliable and honest appliance repair service to local residents of St. Catharines and surrounding cities.

Has one of your home appliances stopped working and you want if fixed ASAP? You’ve come to the right place. We specialize in servicing refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines , dryers, stoves and ovens with honest fast service with lowest rates.

No matter what the issue may be our expert and highly trained technicians will repair it and will repair your appliance so it works like new. To ensure 100% satisfaction, we provide a warranty on our parts and labor and include a FREE service call and diagnosis with every repair!


SOS Appliance Repairs is an appliance company that is the preferred in St. Catharines.  We provide top quality service every day of the week when you need us. 

With such a busy lifestyle, we understand that we all need our appliances to work perfectly. The more you use your home appliances, the more you will need a trustworthy appliance repairman to be there for you when one of the appliances breaks down.

Is one of your home appliances broken or not working in good order? You don’t know how to fix it and you’re considering buying a new one because you don’t know what professional you can call to repair it?

Our company is the right place to call for any appliance repair in St. Catharines. With our team of experienced and professional technicians we know all about laundry appliances and kitchen appliances.

Our service technician will arrive with a fully loaded work vehicle, with the right tools and most common replacement parts for most brand and models to ensure speedy and efficient repair.

Stop worrying about unexpected appliance issues such as leaks from your washer or dishwasher, dryer that overheats or fridge that stopped cooling. 

Give us a call today and your appliance issues will be fixed as soon as possible.

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