What to do if Your Home Appliance Stops Working or Breaks Down

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Has your home appliance suddenly stopped working, and you’re already thinking of getting rid of it?

Well, read this post to know what to do quickly. You might want to carry out one last check on it before you finally dispose of your appliance.  

I mean, until you are sure it will never work again, you might be able to do a little thing that revives it and still use it for years to come.

Home Appliance Stops Working

Why you need to repair your home appliances?

This post has covered some major points you should know before you throw in the towel on your home appliance.

By saying home appliances in this write-up, we will be referring to those commonly used items such as the kitchen and laundry appliances.

Come to think of it, even if the appliances don’t work again after trying to revive them, you might as well end up getting some money from selling them as scrap rather than just putting it out there on the street.

Do you know that over 47% of appliances disposed of and picked off the streets are still reusable? As a matter of fact, the scrap-appliance industry, which is part of scrap metal, generates over $6,000,000 annually. 

According to a report by IBISWorld, scrap metal is generally worth $29.9bn annually in the US market.

In some instances, some of these appliances are picked and repaired by some companies that later ship them to another part of the world their second-hand value.

You might do a few things to get rid of a non-working appliance, such as selling it as scrap, recycling it completely, or donating it to a charity.

However, before doing this, be sure you have done some troubleshooting work.

You can do this yourself if you are technically fit to do so, or you can also call an expert to help you. 

Some appliances are not worth scrapping because you can have them working perfectly again with just a few dollars.

Some washers, stoves, and dryers can be worth up to eight times more if you fix them properly. Let’s look at two things quickly, fixing the appliance yourself and calling in a repairer.


Fixing your Home Appliances by yourself

Again, if you must do the job yourself, be sure you have some knowledge about the appliance you want to dismantle.

We have experienced situations where a customer was able to fix the problem with their appliance but could not assemble all the unscrewed pieces.

They ended up wasting time and money. But not to rule out the fact that doing it yourself will be cheap, you need to have an idea of what you are about to do.

It is very easy once you know exactly what the problem is, use the right tools, get the original parts, and there you go – you fix it.

SOS Appliance Repair do it yourself


SOS Appliance Repair same-day service

Right now, there are a lot of materials and resources online for you to access and learn how to fix some basic appliances in your home.

There are tons of videos online of people showing other people how to get some things fixed.

Some repairers intentionally do some simple fix-it videos of damaged appliances which they put out there for people to watch and learn. 

Another advantage of fixing your appliance is that it gets you a good learning experience instead of calling in a repairer.

At some point, you might even save your family member, colleagues, or neighbor some money by solving the problems for them if they happen to find themselves in the situation you were in.

Having said all of that, it is very important to reiterate that you must make sure you don’t complicate the matter as it currently is.

If you have no idea, call an expert who can help you troubleshoot or diagnose the problem and get you the desired solution.

”At the early stage of learning how to repair kitchen and laundry appliances which I now do very well for a living, I made some terrible mistakes that I would not wish for my enemy at all. In simple terms, I left the machine with more problems than it had before.”


When Fixing Your Home Appliances by Yourself Does Not Work

To avoid some terrible and irreparable errors, it is better to call in an expert who will guarantee your peace of mind.

There are tons of repairers out there who will fix your appliance for you within a very short time.

do it yourself SOS Appliance Repairs

This is what we do and have been doing while striving for perfection for many years. Allow us to quickly use this opportunity to tell you about what we do at – SOS Appliance Repairs.

We are a one-stop-shop for all your kitchen and laundry appliance repairs. We have highly trained technicians that are very prompt and responsive.

We offer same day home appliance repair including weekends and public holidays. We also offer customer support service before and also after the repairs.

Based on the recommendations above, if you do all that and your home appliance still refuses to work, you can then proceed to dispose it. 

Recall that we started this post by letting you know the benefits in the scrap industry including how big the market is. Let’s delve into this a little bit for you to understand things better.  You see, the real money is actually found in the scrap metal of appliances. This means that even though you can repair your appliance and have more value derived, you can make some extra cash by simply selling it to a scrap company.

Table showing Average Scrap prices


Price range per weight – USD

Refrigerator with Freezer

$17 – $19 per 175 lbs


$12 – $29 average weight of 125 lbs

Washing Machine

$19 – $23 average weight 200 lbs


$17 – $21 average weight 180 lbs


$10 – $12 average weight 100 lbs

I know it sounds almost crazy especially for some people who would not rather go into all of the rigors of scrapping. Then, if you do not want to scrap, you could also give your home appliance to a charity or non-profit organization of your choice. Whether in working or non-working condition, there are a few non-profit organizations that will pick up the home appliance from you and they know exactly what to do with the it.

In Conclusion

Again, until you have really confirmed that your home appliance is gone for good, the first thing you want to do is give it shot to repair it. If you cannot do this yourself, call an expert who knows exactly what to do and you might be saving some more money. 

Unless you prefer to replace your appliance probably because of the age factor, then our first and best recommendation is to get an expert.

For more expert advice and free diagnosis with your home appliance repairs, reach out to us today on – 289-426-0867

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