How to Maintain, Clean, Repair, and Replace Your Home Appliances

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When an appliance breaks down, many people are hit with a wave of panic.

Their mind begins racing as they consider every possibility. This panic is justified when you consider that the average homeowner spends between $350 and $8000 to replace a single appliance.

Larger appliances will be more expensive to replace, especially if you prefer smart appliances.

In addition to the high replacement costs, appliances typically cost a large amount to install. When you purchase a new home with no appliances, you can expect to pay between $10000 and $20000 for appliance costs and installation.

When seeking appliance repair in Ontario, you must shop around and consider others’ experiences.

Taking care of home appliances


Extending the Life of Your Appliances

With such a steep cost of replacement, many people wonder how they could save on appliances. The answer is simple. Maintain, clean, and repair appliances to extend their lifetime. If an appliance can not be repaired, or the cost of repair is just as steep, then you should consider a replacement.


I think we’ve all purchased products that came with an ‘unnecessary’ user’s manual. Often these manuals are tossed aside, thrown in a drawer, or disposed of in the garbage. When you purchase products, especially appliances, that come with a user’s manual, you should thoroughly read the manual and take note of the maintenance tips.


Once you’ve read the user’s manual, you should have an idea of how to clean the appliance. Some appliances, like dishwashers and ovens, have self-cleaning modes. Typically warm, soapy water is the best cleaning agent for most appliances.


Determining whether an appliance requires repairs or replacement can be a tough decision. Calling a technician to examine an appliance often seems like an unnecessary additional expense if the appliance needs replacing. You should shop around, ask for recommendations, and read reviews. You may be able to find a technician that offers free consultations and estimates for appliance repair in Woodstock.

Replacing Appliances without Repairs

If you’ve ruled out repairs and have decided to replace the appliance, there are a few tips that can help. First, always shop around. Appliances are expensive, but they are almost always on sale somewhere. Your local home improvement store may have brand-name appliances on clearance. Stores selling furniture and appliances often offer sale prices or mail-in-rebates. Compare different stores to find the best deal. 

Another tip is to replace the appliance before it breaks down. There are often signs that an appliance is coming to the end of its life. The appliance will run less efficiently, make more noise, or have been repaired multiple times. If you believe your appliance is nearing the end of its usefulness, start shopping early. Stores often offer exceptional discounts around Black Friday and memorial day.


Whether you have just purchased new appliances, or you have an appliance almost fifteen years old. There are things you can do to extend its life and save money. Take care of the items that work so hard for you 24/7. Contact our team for appliance repair services today.

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