Should I Repair or Replace My Appliance?

Repair or Replace My Appliance

Every homeowner’s biggest nightmare is when an appliance breaks or, even worse, when something keeps breaking over and over again.

If this happened to you, you might be asking yourself, should I just buy a brand-new appliance?

Well, there are some easy and simple ways to figure out whether you should repair your appliance or replace it with a new unit.

Repair or Replace your Appliance?

How to determine if you need to replace your appliance?

Assessing Your Broken Appliance

The first thing you should do is assess if the appliance is really broken.

Check if it is properly plugged in, that the circuits did not trip, that vents and filters are working properly and that the floor is even.

If your machine really does not work properly, try to check if it is still under warranty. If your appliance’s warranty still covers you, schedule a service call through the manufacturer.

The 50% Rule

The 50 percent rule calculates whether it is worth repairing your appliance or replacing it with a new unit.

You have to ask yourself: “Is my appliance past 50 percent of its lifespan?” and “Will the repair cost more than half the cost of a new machine?” If you answer yes to one or both questions, the best practice is to replace your appliance with a new unit.

Lifespan of Appliances

Every appliance that you buy has an average lifespan. The closer the machine is to its final years, the better it will be for you to replace it.

This can be due to it becoming out-of-date, parts can become more expensive, and it can also start getting less efficient.

Here are the average lifespans of some common household appliances. 


Average Lifespan


13 years


11 years


9 years


13 years

Washing Machine

10 years


9 years

Hidden Costs When Replacing Old Appliances

Another good thing to remember is that replacing an appliance can have hidden costs.

If you are replacing your old fridge, consider that you might have to modify cabinets and counters to get the new fridge to fit. You might have to switch from electrical to gas if you update your stove.

Try always to remember that there might be problems when setting up your new appliances, and try to budget for that.

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Overall, these tips are simple but will help you easily assess whether you should replace or repair any appliance in your home that is not functioning properly.

Additionally, it is good to have these tips in your mind. So, you do not panic when an appliance breaks, and you have to deal with it.

It is also always good to remember that appliances have a lifespan, so you do not have to keep asking yourself if you should repair that old washing machine.

Instead, it might be easier to save up for a brand-new one ahead of time.

If you need help deciding whether to repair or replace your appliances, contact SOS Appliance Repairs today. 

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