How to Clean Your Refrigerator’s Condenser

Cleaning the Condenser

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The condenser of a refrigerator is responsible for converting hot air generated by the refrigeration process into cooler air that keeps your food fresh.

Over time, the condenser can become clogged with dirt or dust and must be cleaned in order to continue working properly. This blog post will provide an overview of how to clean your refrigerator’s condenser.

Gather Necessary Supplies

The first step in cleaning your refrigerator’s condenser is to gather all necessary supplies. You will need a vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment, a soft brush, a damp cloth and some mild detergent such as dish soap.

Additionally, you may find it helpful to have some scissors on hand in case you need to trim any lint or hair from the coils.

Unplug and Remove Coils

Once you have gathered all of your supplies, unplug the refrigerator from its power source and carefully remove the coils from the back of the appliance.

Be sure not to pull too hard on the wires as this could cause them to break or become damaged. Use your vacuum cleaner with its hose attachment to get rid of any lint or dirt that has accumulated on the coils.

Once you are done vacuuming, use a soft brush and some mild detergent mixed with warm water to gently scrub away any remaining debris.

Reinstall Coils

Once you are done cleaning the coils, be sure to dry them completely before reinstalling them onto the back of your refrigerator. Make sure they are securely attached before plugging your refrigerator back into its power source.


Regularly cleaning your condenser is essential for keeping your fridge running smoothly and efficiently. It only takes a few easy steps and minimal supplies, so don’t hesitate – start cleaning today! With proper maintenance, you can ensure that your fridge will run optimally for years to come!

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