Dishwasher Not Cleaning Dishes Well? Here Are Some Things to Check

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In this time and age, not many people have the time to manually wash dishes and spend hours doing it every day and who can blame us? Many homeowners cannot imagine surviving without their beloved dishwashers.

Sadly, sometimes they malfunction and do not clean the dishes properly. There are many reasons why this could be happening, but some of them are more frequent than others.

Keep an eye out for these five tips and discover what things you should look out for if your dishwasher is not cleaning your dishes properly.

Dishwasher is not Cleaning Dishes

Why your Dishwasher is not Cleaning Dishes?

1. Is the Interior Dirty?

Sometimes the most common reason for a dishwasher malfunction is gunk build-up. Therefore, we advise you to do a vinegar cleaning cycle and ensure that your dishwasher is clean and ready for the next cleaning cycle.

Anything could happen to your dishwasher. The gunk from food can clog the spray arm or cause the built-up particles to lift themselves and stick to your dishes.

A good rule of thumb is to pour three cups of white wine vinegar on the bottom of the machine and run a full cycle, we are sure you will notice a difference.

If you notice a slight improvement, you might want to repeat this cycle a few more times and if the issue does not resolve then it either likely needs further inspection from a professional.

2. Check the Soap Dispenser

Many homeowners think that a dishwashing machine can do proper cleaning even with a broken or flimsy soap dispenser and nothing could be further from the truth.

Without a proper soap dispenser, you can guarantee that your dishwasher will not clean your dishes, which may come out dirty. Ensure you always clean your soap dispenser and look for breaks or cracks if it needs to be replaced. You can safely trust us on this one. Without a proper soap dispenser, forget about clean dishes.

In addition, your choice of detergent can cause these issues. A low-quality detergent or using a detergent that is not supported by the dishwasher can cause a malfunction.

We also advise you to check whether your machine runs on hard water and if it requires the use of a water softener.

3. Do You Have Water Volume or Pressure Problems?

Water volume and pressure problems are very common for dishwashers. This is especially frequent in areas that experience sudden drops in water pressure.

Sometimes, these drops can come unannounced and cause your delicate dishwasher to do a rather sloppy job. If this is a prevalent issue, contact a professional.


There you have it; we hope you discovered a few new tips and tricks on how to spot the most common signs of your dishwasher not cleaning your dishes properly.

If you still have any doubts or would like a professional to look at your dishwasher, feel free to contact us at; our specialists will be ready to help you.

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