Front-Load Washer Not Starting? Check These 5 Things Now

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Front-load washers are energy-sufficient washing machines. They truly excel when it comes to saving on water, usage, and electricity consumption.

Front-load washers truly win when it comes to heavy lifting and dealing with large loads of clothing.

Still, they do require maintenance and sometimes they can malfunction.

You might feel like you did everything in your power to use your front load washer properly, but there is always something that you might have easily missed causing your front load washer to malfunction.

We decided to dedicate a blog post to this issue and give you 5 tips and tricks on what to do when your front-load washer malfunctions.

Front-Load Washer not Starting

5 Reasons why your Front-load Washing Machine is not Starting

1. Check for Leakage

Front-load washers are known to develop leakages, and this should always be the first thing to keep an eye out for.

Leakages can be seen in improper or infrequent drainage. Check your drain pump and see whether it is clogged with foreign objects.

Another culprit behind your leaks can be that the drain hose is not properly sealed into the standpipe.

2. Detergent Issues

You might think that your detergent cannot possibly harm your beloved front load-washing machine but trust us on this one, detergents are washing machine killers.

If you use powerful detergents and if you use too much of them, you can create too many suds and cause drainage problems.

Consider using less detergent or milder ones, at least. You should be able to see positive changes almost instantly.

3. You Overloaded the Capacity of the Machine

This is another widespread problem; sometimes, your washing machine will become unbalanced and not spin properly if you stuff it with too many clothes.

Check the maximum load your washing machine can carry and ensure you do not go over it.

4. Check the Belts

Many front-load washing machines run on belts and broken belts almost always cause front-load washing machines to malfunction.

Keep an eye out for signs of wear or even break in the belts. These should be immediately replaced with new ones because you can guarantee that your front-load washing machine is not going to be able to start working properly without belts.

5. Rust and Mineral Deposits

This is a problem in many places that deliver hard water to users. Sometimes the water used in washing machines is not purified. Water can oxidize metal around the valves or cause mineral build-up.

This is why you should inspect the valves and the insides of your washing machine because this might be causing your front load washing machine to malfunction.


Front-load washers are absolute beasts when it comes to dealing with a heavy load of clothes while at the same time saving up on water consumption and electricity.

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