Dishwasher Repair in St. Catharines

Dishwasher Repair in St. Catharines

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Dishwashers are wonderful inventions except when they don’t work.  Then it is time to search for a repair person.  Here are some things to be aware of.

Search Process

Narrow your search from simply appliance repair to dishwasher repairs. Most websites will list the types of appliances as well as many of the brands they work on. Finding a company that understands your particular item can be critical, especially if the appliance is older.

Look for experience.  An established operation that has solid reviews will be important to your satisfaction. Many manufacturers offer toll-free numbers that you can call to see if they have recommendations in your area. The idea is to find someone who can quickly diagnose the issue, have access to the parts, and get you running again.


Before you make the call, gather as much information as you can.  Start with the brand, model number, and serial number.  These are usually found on a tag inside the door.  From that data, the repair company can access the details of the machine including the date of manufacture.  

Make notes for yourself about what you need to convey so that you won’t forget anything and you can do so as calmly as possible.  This should include as much detail about what is going wrong, how long it has been happening, whether it has happened before, and any other repairs.  With enough information, the dishwasher repair expert may recognize the issue and be better prepared to solve the problem.  If you have concerns, ask the telephone representative to have the service person call you directly so that you can have a detailed conversation.


A reputable company will either stock quality parts or have access to them.  If the parts are out of stock or on order, you may want to keep searching.


Some companies will take advantage of your panic or emergency and hike the price.  An ethical company will want to keep you as a repeat customer and be reasonable in the charges.

Before you begin, be sure you understand all of the costs involved, including labor, travel charges, etc.  Find out the warranty on the parts and guarantee of workmanship.  That is not to say that something else could go wrong with the dishwasher next week, but it should not be the same issue. 


Reputable companies will be happy to share the details of their business license and insurance coverage. 

It is frequently a good idea to use a local appliance repair service rather than a national chain.  It is likely you will receive more customized service. 


Within reason, you should be given a time to expect the dishwasher repair person and expect a call when he or she is on the way.

For dishwasher repair in the St. Catharine’s area, contact us at SOS Appliance Repair.  We check all of the boxes covered in this post as well as many more.  We are anxious to help you solve your immediate problem as quickly as possible. We also offer preventive maintenance to avoid disasters before they happen.  Contact us for more information.

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