How Long Should Your Appliances Last?

appliance lifespan

No one wants to think about their appliances breaking down, but inevitably they will at some point. When that time comes, you’ll want to know how long you can expect your appliance to last. Here is a guide to how long common household appliances should last.

Lifespan of your Appliance

How long do appliances last?

The lifespan of an appliance will depend on several things, including the type of appliance, the frequency of use, and how they are maintained.  Some regular preventive measures and small repairs as necessary will keep your appliances going longer and that translates to fewer major expenditures over time.


The average dishwasher will work well for about nine years, but it can be extended if you regularly clean out the components. 

The major culprit is a worn seal or gasket.  These rubber-like parts are maintained by simply using the washer.  Higher tech add-ons will offer more electronics to go wrong.  Opt for parts that resist rust and wear, especially in the pump and piping. 

Washing Machine

In the laundry room, a washing machine is about ten to fourteen years with a dryer at ten to thirteen.  Their life span depends upon how much they are used. 

An active or large family will mean more wear and tear and fewer good years available.  The heating elements of a dryer are probably the first to go. 

Top-loading washers will last a bit longer than front-loaders.  Keep the dryer filter clean to prevent lint build-up and potential fires and be sure it vents as directly to the outside as possible.


The hardest working component of a refrigerator is the compressor.  A fridge with two side doors will go for around fourteen years, and a top-door freezer will last maybe seventeen. 

Keeping the doors closed means it won’t have to work as hard and overextend itself.  Those self-dispensers of ice or water are prone to difficulties, leaving you with a flood.


Microwaves are typically good for about ten years.  Despite its complexity, there is little in the way of maintenance that the owner can deal with. 

Basically, keep the interior clean by covering the food to prevent splatters and explosions.  Avoid slamming the door to preserve the locking mechanism. 

Garbage Disposal

Expect your garbage disposal to live for about a dozen years.  However, there is a lot you can do to maintain its function.  That means watching what you put down that drain. 

Don’t dump coffee grounds, rice, grease, or anything fibrous. 

Electric Cooktop

An electric cooktop and oven has heating elements that are more likely to break down or crack.  Gas ranges use a simpler ignition and will hold out a couple of extra years.  The electric is rated at thirteen years and the gas at fifteen.

Water Heater

A water heater has significant variance depending on the type. 

An electric gas heater is good for ten years, pretty much on the dot and a straight gas heater isn’t much better. 

A tankless heater is designed to heat the water only when you want it, so you have a good twenty years with this style. 

A major factor in water heaters is your area’s water type.  Hard water, or one that has a lot of minerals, will clog and rust. 

They can be cleaned out from time to time to help stretch their life.  Installing a water softener will also help, but you are adding another appliance to your arsenal. 

Get in touch if you need help with your appliance repair

Taking good care of your home appliances is important if you want them to last for several years. However, even with the best care, they may eventually need repairs. If that happens, be sure to contact our team of appliance repair experts.

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