How to Remove Dryer and Washing Machine Smell?

how to remove dryer and washing machine smell

Many homeowners complain to us that everything seems fine with their dryers and washing machines, but sometimes they release nasty smells.

Even if your appliances run properly, an unpleasant odor is not a good sign and there are a few things to keep an eye out for.

 There are many reasons behind these smells so keep reading to find out what may be causing these malfunctions and how to fix them easily.

Let’s learn how to remove the unpleasant smell from dryers and washing machines.

Removing Smell from Dryers and Washers

How to remove dryer and washer smells?

#1. It Could be the Lint

Your clothes dryer can sometimes get clogged with lint or tiny pieces of fabric that fall off of your clothing while drying.

This lint builds up if left unchecked, it can mix with water and build up in your vent. When damp lint comes in contact with heat, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria to grow, causing an unpleasant smell.

Therefore, you need to check the vents and make sure that they are spotless every time before you run a drying cycle.

This is the first thing to check if you want to remove the smell from your dryer or washing machine.

#2.  If it is a burning smell, then it’s better to call a technician

Some homeowners complain that it is not the rotting smell that they smell but more of a burning smell that their clothes dryers release.

This is indeed a reason to be cautious because it could be connected to a failing thermostat or lint build-up.

If you experience a burning smell, turn off your machine and conduct a thorough inspection, but the best option is to hire a professional.

#3. Does it smell of mould? 

If you notice a distinct smell of mold in your washing machine, it is time for a thorough inspection. There are several reasons you might notice the smell, but the most common one is soap build-up or dirt build-up of body oils and hair that gets trapped inside different valves and corners of the washing machine.

Try to run a few cycles with white vinegar and do a thorough inspection after the process.

#4. Sometimes a good old scrubbing is the best way to go

If the machine does not clear out the smell on its own after running a few vinegar-spinning cycles, then it would be good to grab a toothbrush and clean the spinning wheel on your own.

A toothbrush is sturdy enough to remove build-up and is truly one of the most useful tools to remove the smell of your washer.

You can also use Q-tips to remove accumulated gunk for the most delicate corners and surfaces.

Do you need help to remove the smell of your dryer or washing machine?

Can’t stop the odour?

Start your inspection today, and if you feel like you need a professional to look at it, feel free to contact us. We have a team of specialists that do appliance repairs in several cities within Ontario.

We are happy to inspect your washing machine and clothes dryer thoroughly and remove that unpleasant smell.

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