How to Troubleshoot a Noisy Dryer

noisy dryer

Is your dryer making weird noises?

If so, don’t worry – you’re not alone.

This blog post will show you how to troubleshoot a noisy dryer. We’ll also cover some common noise causes and offer tips for preventing them. So, whether your dryer makes a loud rattling sound or a high-pitched squeal, read on for help!

How to Troubleshoot a Noisy Dryer

Troubleshooting a Noisy Dryer

#1. Squealing

A high-pitched noise means it involves some fast-moving parts. 

The most frequent culprits will be the drum and idler pulley.  It is a drum bearing located in the far rear of the cabinet, which could be anything from lubrication or replacement. 

The idler pulley keeps the drum belt from slipping.  If the part is wearing out, it will squeal, and as the wear continues, it will turn into loud scraping or thumping. 

In this case, the belt must be removed to check the pulley operation and get a replacement.  There are rollers to support the drum at the front and rear of most dryers.  Squealing and thumping can mean one or more parts are damaged or broken and need replacement.

#2. Scraping

Under the front lip of the dryer drum are glides.  They are made from nylon or Teflon and are backed with cork. 

If worn, they will need to be replaced as a set.  It is also possible that the shaft or idler assembly is damaged or worn. 

This device provides tension for the drum belt and can sound like scraping or thumping if it goes bad.  The assembly will need replacement along with the driving belt.

#3. Thumping

Both gas and electric dryers use a blower wheel to move air through the heating chamber, drum, and out the vent.  If there is a problem with the blower wheel, it is probably because small items have gotten through the filter and are lodged in the wheel, the wheel is loose or off, and the blower wheel is just worn out. 

This means replacement. 

Drum rollers could also be a cause if it has a rough edge or missing chunks that could make noise and require a replacement part.  The drive belt can become dry or break and need replacement.

#4. Rattling

This is probably the blower wheel.  The blower wheel may be loose if there are no foreign objects.  There are baffles or lifters inside the drum to help move your clothes around as they dry. 

A rattling noise could be just small objects, or it could be the baffles are worn, which can cause damage to your clothing.  The drive motor turns the blower and drum.  If it has a loose pulley, it can rattle.  A high-pitched sound means a bad bearing, and a hum means a bad switch.

Look for help

As you can tell, odd noises mean something is wrong.  That “something” can be one of several choices. 

Unless you are skilled at disassembling, troubleshooting, and reassembling your dryer, it is best to contact a professional dryer repair company near tou.  Contact us at SOS Appliance repairs, and we will be happy to dispatch a trained professional to listen to the noise and identify the problem.

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