Hire or DIY for Appliance Repairs?

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When it comes to household repairs many people decide to do it themselves to save some money. While this may be a good idea in some circumstances, it is important to recognize your skillset and when it is better to invest in a professional. 

One time it is definitely better to work with a professional is with appliances. Many appliances that are malfunctioning or have broken down can be repaired, but it takes a technician with the expertise and replacement parts. Professional appliance repair technicians do more than walk in, swap out a part, and hand you an invoice.  They will give the appliance a thorough check and review the entire operation.  

They can discover the problem and fix it but also provide important information about ongoing maintenance and preventive measures. 

They also offer a guarantee of service so if the same problem happens again within a designated period of time, you get the new fix for nothing. 

DIY or Hire a Technician?

Reasons to hire an appliance technician

Electricity is Dangerous

Appliance repair technicians are specially trained to work with electrical and electronic units and have the proper tools.  They know how to handle the appliances and their various parts to avoid dropping, breakage, and personal injury. This can be true for all types of appliances, not just those that involve water.

The right tool for the right job is a mantra that many people subscribe to. This is particularly important in working with appliances. Today most are guided by computer chips combined with electrical components. Having access to the right tool to disassemble, reassemble, or repair is critical. This is also true of having the availability of the correct replacement parts.  This is all best handled by a professional technician and company.

Your Time is Valuable

Your off-work time is equally important. If you decide to spend your spare time fixing an appliance, you are robbing yourself of the relaxation you deserve, as well as the company of family and friends.  With a scheduled appointment, the problem can be handled efficiently.  The technician will also provide information about whether the appliance should be considered for replacement or if the repairs will extend its life without the expense and shopping necessary.

If the appliance is still under warranty, you definitely need to call in a repair person. Trying to deal with a tweak or repair yourself will most likely void the warranty. If you mess up, you have cost yourself more frustration and more money than necessary. Understand the details of your appliance.  

Generally, there is a permanent plate or stamp on the appliance. Carefully copy all the information, including the serial number and model number. Contact the manufacturer online or through a toll-free number to find out the status of your particular appliance.  Keep that same information for the repair company, who will find it very helpful to check for other problems that could be experienced with your particular model. 

So, unless you have the expertise and tools, plus access to any replacement parts.

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Hire a professional technician like SOS Appliance Repairs to work on your appliances. You will have greater peace of mind and a better-repaired device.

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