Know The Right Washing Machine To Buy

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Are you currently thinking of buying a washing machine?

Perhaps, you don’t know which brand to pick or have doubts when determining the best washer for you.

The truth is that whether we like it or not, laundry is an inevitable task in our day-to-day life and picking the right washing machine with the right features is most important to save yourself from loads of trouble.

However, many factors can come into play when buying a washing machine, like size, durability, functionality, and price. Although all washers serve the same purpose, several brands emphasize distinct factors that are important. To make things easier, we have put together a list of different types of washers outlining their pros and cons to help you choose better.

This post will help you make the right and best decision when buying your next washing machine.

Buying your Next Washing Machine

 Front-Load Washer

A front-load washing machine uses tumbling technology and gravity to wash clothes. In this case, clothes don’t need to be completely submerged in water as it functions by picking and dropping the clothes on water. It also differs in structure as clothes are placed from the front as opposed to top-load machines.

Benefits of Front-Load Washers

  • Front-load washing machines consume only one-third of the water that is used by other washing machines. 
  • It consumes less energy and time since these washing machines run fewer cycles.
  • The technology utilized by front-load washing machines is gentle on clothes, as it doesn’t utilize an agitator to spin the clothes vigorously to remove dirt.

Added durability is another plus factor of these washing machines, and you won’t need to contact appliance repair people very often

Drawbacks of Front-Load Washing Machines

  • The high cost of purchasing a front-load washer is buyers’ biggest concern. 
  • You cannot add clothes halfway through as you can’t open the lid when it is working. Your last-minute laundry will have to wait for a new round.
  • Front-load washers take a long time, usually more than 1-2 hours per load.
  • Mold deposits are frequently encountered issues with front loaders, leading to malfunctioning issues. 

Even though front-load machines use fewer mechanical units than other types, there might be instances of defects and the washing machines not working. In this case, call for a reliable washing machine repair service.


Top Load Washer

Top loaders were, perhaps, the most common type of washing machine before front loaders came into place. Currently, two main types of top load washers are available in the market: one with a central agitator and one with impellers.

Benefits of Top-Load Washing Machines

  • Top-load washers require only 30-60 minutes per load, which is much less than front-load washers.
  • It is also a cheaper option available in comparison to other types of washing machines.
  • Ability to add clothes in the middle of the cycle.

Drawbacks of Top-Load Washers

  • A top-load washer with an agitator can be harsh on clothes.
  • Consumes more water as clothes need to be submerged to be washed properly.
  • Energy consumption is also relatively higher than front load washers.

Portable Washing Machine

As the name implies, this washer comes in handy size, allowing you to move it from one place to another. If you need a mini-sized washing machine to fit your apartment or have been relying on communal laundry service until now, consider purchasing a portable washer. You can easily connect the machine to any faucet, like the sink, and start washing.

Benefits of Portable Washing Machine

  • Smaller in size and therefore convenient to move around even within the house.
  • A cost-effective option to suit your budget. It will also save money spent on going to Laundromats frequently.
  • These washers are built to work fast and efficiently.

Drawbacks of Portable Washing Machine

  • Most portable washers are smaller in capacity, so you might have to separate your laundry into a couple of loads. 
  • You have to purchase the dryer for the washing machine separately or air-dry your clothes.
  • Despite its size, moving around can be cumbersome, especially if you do it often.

Like every other washing machine, portable ones need to be maintained well to keep washing machine repairs at bay. Also, remember to remove the mold and disinfect your washer every now and then.

Stackable Washing Machines

While portable washers are great as space savers, they are not equipped with all the features of a standard washing machine.

If what you need is the maximum capacity, but half the footprint, then stackable washers are your solution. The design of this appliance is that of a front-load washer, and functions on almost the same technology.

Benefits of Stackable Washing Machines

  • Compared to other washing machines running at full capacity, this one is compact horizontally. 
  • It consumes less water and is energy-efficient,, saving you money in the long-run.
  • Stackable washers are available in both gas and electricity power so that you can choose one according to your requirements.

Drawbacks of Stackable Washing Machines

  • The considerable height of the entire unit may be a disadvantage for short people.
  • There’s less choice available in this type, and you don’t get a lot of added features.
  • It can be quite expensive in comparison to top load washers.

Stackable washers usually require a 220-volt power source so install one if you don’t have one already. If your machine starts to malfunction, contact a washing machine repair technician immediately.

Combo Washer

A combination washer-dryer is a single-unit appliance that does both tasks in the same space. The ability to have your clothes washed, dried and ready improves your convenience to the next level. Most combo washes use inbuilt condenser tumble dryers that work by extracting moisture from the clothes.

Benefits of Combo Washing Machine

  • Less space is required to install, and generally cost and energy-efficient. 
  • You have the option of using the washing and drying functions separately. If you are concerned about saving energy, use the dryer only in cases of emergency.
  • Washing performance is similar to that of a separate washing machine appliance.

Drawbacks of Combo Washing Machine

  • The dryer can only hold half the amount of clothes used for washing as the hot air needs plenty of space to do its job properly.
  • They are also less reliable and more prone to malfunctioning issues than other washer types.
  • Some combo washers can be bulky.

Since combo washers are different in structure, it is very important to contact an experienced appliance repair service when you want to fix its issues.

Brands We Like to Recommend when buying a Washing Machine

Common Issues with Washing Machines

Regardless of the type of washing machine, it is common to encounter mechanical issues with prolonged usage or due to lack of maintenance.

While some issues may be trivial requiring only a quick fix, most issues are caused by faulty components that need to be repaired or replaced. Some common problems faced are,

In any of these cases, it is better to contact a professional washing machine repair service and get it fixed, as they will be able to detect the problem better and offer the right solution.

Washing machines are integral electric appliances and therefore need careful attention if you want to get the maximum use out of them.

We hope our list has helped you decide which type is best for you and what to do when your washer is not working properly.

Buy the most suitable Washing Machine based on your needs

It is important to check a few factors that should guide your choice of washing machine.

Again, this could range from the size, functionality, lifecycle, safety, durability as well as the price. But more importantly, is the availability of parts and the possibility of fixing any of the issues that may arise. You do not want to buy an overly sophisticated appliance which gives you a bigger problem in the future in terms of usage and fixing.

Therefore, before replacing your washing machine and putting a pen on the cheque, consider all these points as highlighted above. And not to forget that you can count on SOS Appliance Repairs to help you fix all your washing machine issues.


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