How to Level Your Washing Machine

how to level a washing machine

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Keeping your washing machine level is important for a variety of reasons. It ensures that the machine runs properly and continues to function efficiently. With a few simple steps, you can easily level your washing machine yourself in no time.

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Using a Leveling Tool

The easiest way to level your washing machine is by using a spirit level or carpenter’s level. This tool allows you to measure the exact angle of the washer, which is essential for proper leveling.

Place the spirit level on top of the washer, making sure it is centered and even all around. If the bubble in the center is off center, then you will need to adjust the legs accordingly until it is perfectly leveled.

Adjusting the Legs

Once you have determined that your washing machine needs adjustment, you must adjust its legs to do so. First, begin by unscrewing each leg until they are loose enough to move freely.

Then, gently raise or lower each leg one at a time until you achieve an even balance across all four corners of the washer. Make sure that each leg is secured once you have achieved balance before moving onto another corner.

Repeat this step for each corner until all four legs are leveled and secure.

Testing Your Work

Once all four legs have been adjusted and secured, place your spirit level on top of the washing machine again and check if it is now properly balanced. If so, congratulations you’ve successfully leveled your washer!

However, if it still appears off balance, repeat these steps as necessary until it is completely even from side to side and front to back.


Leveling a washing machine may seem like an intimidating task but with just a few simple tools and steps you can do it yourself in no time!

Start by using a spirit or carpenter’s level to measure how off balance your washer currently is, then adjust each leg accordingly until all four corners are evenly balanced according to what the spirit level says.

Once everything appears equal across all sides, test out your work one last time before patting yourself on the back for successfully leveling out your washing machine! Good luck!

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